A Career in Dentistry: A Truly Fulfilling Job That Needs YOU!

Being a dental professional in Lawrence Massachusetts has been a dream come true for Dr. Beninato and Dr. Patsi.  Our professional lives are a joy with the great relationships we’ve built with individuals and families that stretch decades, even generations of healthy smiles.  It is an honor to work with our patients, stretching from Andover to Lowell, from Methuen to Haverhill.  Likewise, our team is a joy to see every day, and we believe they feel the same way about us.

Riverwalk Dental wants to share this experience with those who read our articles because the current state of staffing in health care are at a critical low in Massachusetts, and we at Riverwalk Dental are no exception.  Currently, the Massachusetts Dental Society is helping with a number of campaigns to bring awareness to students and key audiences in hopes of boosting enrollment and filling the pipeline of professionals ready to work in an industry that is truly fulfilling.  Helping people with a part of their lives that affects nearly everything they do each day is truly a rewarding career.

Not only are such careers rewarding, but also choosing a career in medicine in general helps to boost access to health care services as well as keeps the cost to everyone down and services affordable.   In an article titled Health Care Workforce Shortages Persist in Massachusetts and the United States, according to a Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association survey, “there are currently an estimated 19,000 open acute care hospital positions across Massachusetts.”  This means a career in health care is very likely to lead to job security, location and practice options, plus a competitive salary across the board!

In a WBUR article regarding this issue, the problem is magnified by the fact that many dental procedures cannot be performed without an assistant present.  So, although practices have the talent to perform certain procedures, there can and often are delays simply due to the need to comply with regulatory rules.  The WBUR article even cites Jeffrey Karen, a pediatric dentist in South Weymouth who states in 15 plus years he’s never seen such a lack of talent in the job market.  We at Riverwalk Dental agree.

Here at Riverwalk Dental we are truly fortunate to have the staff and family-like atmosphere we believe our patients truly appreciate. In fact, our best employees are those who are our patients! If you or someone in your family are considering a career in dentistry, or seeking a job in the dental field, feel free to give us a call at 978-685-1499 or send us an email.  We would be proud to assist any way we can.

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