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Artificial Intelligence and Your Smile – Can Dentists and AI Join Forces?

It seems as if artificial intelligence or AI is making its way into everything today.  The Tang Institute in Andover Massachusetts is even developing a means of infusing AI into academics, as opposed to so many institutions of higher education that are shunning its effect on academia.  In the article “Artificial Intelligence: A Hands-On Lesson […]

Can someone truly remineralize their teeth?

When we eat acidic foods or sugary snacks the acidity of the saliva in our mouth will increase.  Even dry mouth can do damage to the enamel surrounding and protecting one’s teeth because the lack of saliva reduces your body’s ability to cleanse the acid ever-present in your mouth. Enamel is not a living organism […]

Is it emotional eating? Pagophagia? Anemia? Ice chewing and its effect on oral health

Occasionally chewing ice is natural on a hot day when you just need that little bit more water to quench your thirst and cool you down. But what if it is a habit?  What if you crave ice throughout the day, and chew it consistently for more than a month? What is Compulsive Ice Chewing […]

Not to stress you out, but stress has a significant affect on your oral health:

In 2022, Massachusetts was deemed the third most stressed state in the country, and although the pandemic is over, stress in 2023 and now in 2024 seems relentless.  From the war in the Middle East, inflation, to traffic jams on Boston streets, it seems difficult to find relief.  Such stress is a problem for our […]

A Career in Dentistry: A Truly Fulfilling Job That Needs YOU!

Being a dental professional in Lawrence Massachusetts has been a dream come true for Dr. Beninato and Dr. Patsi.  Our professional lives are a joy with the great relationships we’ve built with individuals and families that stretch decades, even generations of healthy smiles.  It is an honor to work with our patients, stretching from Andover […]

Emergency! Cracked or chipped tooth, what does a parent do? Advice from Riverwalk Dental, Lawrence Massachusetts

Children, especially our own children, are beautiful in their carefree view of the world.  We truly enjoy their laughter and smiles as they bounce on trampolines in Andover or sprint to uneven bars for gymnastics in Lawrence Massachusetts.  But sometimes, these daredevils push it too far and the result is a chipped or cracked tooth. […]

Surprising new research published in Massachusetts’ Tufts University’s journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience finds link between bacteria that affects oral hygiene may also contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease

Recently, researchers at the Tufts School of Dental Medicine found a link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s.  According to the CDC, about 47% of adults over 30 and 70% over 65 have gum disease, so the team at Riverwalk Dental felt it was important to share this information with their patients and visitors. “Your mouth […]

Riverwalk Dental, Merrimack Valley District Dental Society, and Giving Back to the Community

Dr. Beninato and Dr. Patsi are pleased to be part of one the most generous charitable dental organizations in the Bay State, the Massachusetts Dental Society Foundation. Riverwalk Dental’s local chapter is the Merrimack Valley District Dental Society which serves those in need throughout Andover, Billerica, Bradford, Byfield, Chelmsford, Dracut, Groveland, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Merrimac, […]

Teeth hypersensitivity: Yes, a problem your dentist can solve

It is widely reported among dental professionals throughout Massachusetts and all throughout the country that patients often endure the pain and discomfort of overly sensitive teeth because they are not aware that dentists have a wide range of treatments that can help or even eliminate the problem.  According to Massachusetts General Hospital, even less severe, […]

Answers to Common Questions Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine in Massachusetts

With the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Massachusetts, Dr. Beninato and Dr. Patsi want to help our clients with the most common questions we receive from our patients, as well as questions we have asked the authorities on vaccine distribution and administration throughout the Bay State.  Our clients are always welcome to call and […]