Riverwalk Dental of Lawrence Massachusetts is keeping patients safe with state of the art water filtration

The safety and health of Riverwalk Dental’s patients is Dr. Beninato and Dr. Patsi’s greatest concern.  Elsewhere in Andover, Shrewsbury and other areas throughout Massachusetts we’ve seen issues with brown water during hot summer days and despite this being far less of an issue in Lawrence, over time bacteria and other contaminants can and will build up in water lines.  Called biofilm, this is a bacteria filled layer that, over time, adheres itself to the walls of the tubing used in dental procedures.  It is possible that such bacteria can eventually break off the tube walls and be ingested by patients, with serious consequences.

Earlier this year as many as 20 children at a Georgia Pediatric dental clinic became ill, and a direct link was made between these children’s sickness and contaminated dental equipment.  Despite the fact that these issues have not occurred in Lawrence or any part of Riverwalk Dental’s service area throughout Merrimack Valley and Southeaster New Hampshire, the team at Riverwalk Dental felt it important to invest in the newest and most effective technology to address this potential issue.

Therefore, earlier this year the purchase and installation of a water filtration system was completed at Riverwalk Dental.  This system is capable of purifying water that meets or exceeds ADA water quality recommendations.

This technology was developed for NASA and now used at Riverwalk Dental to ensure the safety of our patients!

The team at Riverwalk Dental hopes this news will reinforce our clients’ peace of mind and underscore our dedication to our patients’ health and well-being.