If you seek children’s dental care, you are fortunate to be living in Massachusetts

massachusetts stateHave you ever considered how fortunate you are to live in Massachusetts?  If you’ve been down and out about living in the Bay State for any reason, here is some great news for your children and their teeth – Massachusetts is by far one of the best states for children’s health care.

According to Wallet Hub, Massachusetts receives a total score for “Best States for Children’s Health” behind only Vermont by a mere one-tenth total score, with Vermont scoring 65.65 and Massachusetts scoring 65.55.  Rhode Island comes in much further behind with a score of 61.28, 4.27 points below Massachusetts’ total score.

Wallet Hub compared every state in the Union with 33 key indicators of the cost, quality, and access to children’s health care.  Of these key indicators, those most important to parents and children throughout the Merrimack Valley, MA area include:  Share of Children Aged 0 to 17 Years with Recent Medical & Dental Checkups, Presence of School-Based Dental-Sealant Programs, Dental Treatment Costs, and Dentists per Capita.

Starting off life with a bright and healthy smile is an important part of a happy and successful life.  Parents and all adults in Massachusetts are fortunate to live where we do, and to have the access to important health services, such as effective dental services.

Yet it is incumbent upon you to take the first step.  The team at Riverwalk Dental is here to serve you with the newest technology that makes a visit to the dentist a pleasurable and comfortable experience.  Contact us today!