Help us help: Riverwalk Dental community involvement throughout Massachusetts

Riverwalk Dental is more than just an office with people who love and care about your smile; we are active members of our community throughout the Merrimack valley area.  From Lowell to Salem and from Lawrence to Andover, we’ve worked with our patients to bring a little sunshine to those in need.  We would like to highlight these efforts, in hopes of an even better push in 2017.   We are proud of our efforts and the great people who visit our offices every week who help us do what we can to make the world a little bit better place for those in need.

Picture by Riverwalk Dental MassachusettsCandy for Our Troops Overseas

We all share in our appreciation of those who sacrifice so much to defend our country.  Last year during Halloween, we asked our coworkers, friends, and patients to donate candy so that we may ship it to our troops overseas to bring a little sweetness and joy to their time apart from their families.  Not only did our patients bring candy, but the generous and thoughtful children of North Andover Middle School and Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, MA donated their own candy to this great cause.

This year we shipped over 100 pounds of candy.  What a fantastic accomplishment by all who participated!  We are so proud of our students and clients who took part in this effort, and we hope to have an even greater impact in 2017!

Colgate Make a Wish

We are so proud of our involvement with Colgate’s professional partnerships to support the Make A Wish Foundation.  Riverwalk Dental purchases Colgate products because we know each purchase generates a donation to this very worthy cause.

Thank you to all our clients who continue each year to be a part of our practice so we can continue to do as much as we can to put a smile on the faces of the children who need it most.

Bread & Roses Food Drive

Picture by Riverwalk Dental MassachusettsBread & Roses of Lawrence, MA supports those in need throughout the Merrimack Valley community.  As one of the most compassionate and effective soup kitchens in Massachusetts, it has long been a center of hope and caring to the thousands of people who are struggling for survival.  The food donations brought to us from our clients made a real difference to those who many times do not know if or when their next meal will come.

Our commitment to those in need is only as strong as our combined efforts.  The Riverwalk Dental office wants to thank all those in the past who helped us help those in need.  We hope to continue these efforts in 2017 and want to invite our patients to continue to join and participate.