Get the most out of brushing your teeth every day: Tips from Riverwalk Dental Lawrence MA

Riverwalk dental Lawrence MassachusettsIn Massachusetts and most of the Northeast, we are known for always being in a rush.  This often means having little time to take care of ourselves.  Frequently, we economize on the necessary and routine things we do every day, such as brushing our teeth, because our schedules are packed with deadlines from morning to night.  Spending the time needed to thoroughly brush one’s teeth can and sometimes is overlooked, so using the most effective toothpaste and a process that ensures the best results will help to make the time spent brushing as productive as possible.

Twice a day we brush our teeth.  Most people do not spend as much time as they should brushing.  Dr. Beninato and Dr. Patsi have some advice for those on the run but also want the smile they worked so hard to maintain:

Here are some tips to our patients throughout Merrimack Valley:

  1. Find the right toothpaste

Besides the obvious fact that someone should always use a toothpaste that is ADA approved, knowing what challenges your particular teeth face is important to proper oral health and a fresh breath.  Some key points:

Tartar Control Toothpastes Work:  The active ingredient in tartar control toothpastes is pyrophosphate, and according to Delta Dental in Boston Massachusetts, studies have shown it will reduce tartar formation up to 36 percent.  Tartar, once it is formed, has to be removed by a professional, so the reduction of its formation is an important preventative.

Fluoride:   It almost goes without saying that fluoride is key to a healthy smile.  Demineralization, the loss of minerals that keep teeth strong is prevented with a fluoride toothpaste, and fluoride helps to actually enhance the remineralizing of your teeth.  According to the Oral Health Group of Canada, “Fluoride speeds up the growth of the new surface by bringing calcium and phosphate ions together and is also preferentially incorporated into the remineralized surface.”

We often get a surprised look from Riverwalk Dental’s patients when they realize it is actually possible to reverse the clock on your teeth!

  1. Take the time to brush your teeth

Even the best toothpaste in the world cannot replace good old hard work.  It is truly the act of brushing that does the most to preserve one’s teeth and keep them strong.  It is important to take the time necessary.  According to WedMD, rushing is one of the top mistakes to make when brushing.  They suggest a timer to ensure two minutes of brushing each time, and we agree.

  1. White_teeth_and_Oakley_sunglasses by Jenith Michael RajDon’t forget your gums

According to A.D.A.M., the Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine, “More than 75% of American adults have some form of gum disease, but according to a major survey, only 60% have any significant knowledge about the problem.”

Flossing frequently and brushing your gums thoroughly while brushing your teeth will help to remove anything that can irritate your gums and cause bad breath.

Today’s busy lifestyle should not come at a cost to your health and wellbeing.  Follow these easy but important habits each day and your smile will always reward you!

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