Riverwalk Dental’s 9 interesting and fun facts about teeth!

tooth-teeth brush fun

  1. Right here in Massachusetts, William Thomas Green Morton offered the first successful public demonstration of ether anesthesia. We can thank someone locally for starting to make trips to the dentist as pain free as possible!
  2. According to The Daily Caller, “A January 2010 law mandates that all children in Massachusetts daycare centers must brush their teeth after lunch . . .” Although it is very important to brush after every meal, it is somewhat of a strange consideration that lawmakers would mandate it!
  1. According to Delta Dental of Minnesota, dental floss was found in the teeth of early pre-humans but was not manufactured as we use it today until 1882 when it was produced by the Codman and Shurtleft Company in Randolph, Massachusetts.
  1. According to Medical Daily, our tongue is as unique as our fingerprints! That’s right, and over time your fingerprints can change form, but your moth protects your tongue from damage so it stays the same all your life.
  1. There is actually a market for celebrity teeth! According to com, John Lennon’s tooth sold for over $31,000!
  1. According to com, George Washington in fact did NOT have wooden teeth! George Washington’s false teeth were actually made out of a combination of rare hippopotamus ivory, human teeth, and metal fasteners.
  1. According to com, in the movie The Hangover Ed Helms, who played Stu, really is missing a tooth. When he was a teenager he had surgery to have a permanent tooth implanted, so a dentist removed it for the filming.
  1. As quoted in Woman’s Day, according E. Jane Crocker, RHD, president of the Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association, you do not need as much toothpaste as you may believe to brush your teeth. She stated, “All you need is a pea-size amount of toothpaste—yes, I mean the little green vegetable!”
  1. According to com, snails’ teeth beat spider silk as nature’s strongest material!

The team at Riverwalk Dental hopes you will use these facts to win at Trivial Pursuit some day!