Riverwalk Dental installs Planmeca FIT Intraoral Dental Milling Machine in Lawrence MA Office

In the interest of better serving Riverwalk Dental’s patients, Dr. Beninato and Dr. Patsi recently made the investment into a state of the art milling machine.  Now at a patient’s choosing, nearly all dental prosthetics can be fitted and restored in a single day, right in the comfort of our office in Lawrence Massachusetts.  Whether a patient desires same-day crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges or veneers, Riverwalk Dental can provide exactly what is needed, when it is needed.

“Our patients today do not have the time for multiple office visits going from either Andover or Lawrence MA to another part of Merrimack Valley just to address the cosmetic issues and pain associated with a damaged tooth,” stated Dr. Joseph Beninato when discussing the new equipment.  “We want our patients to be comfortable with their smile quickly, and our new milling machine truly accomplishes this goal.”

Although convenience for patients was high on the priority list, none of the precision and quality is sacrificed by bringing this procedure in house.  The Planmeca FIT intraoral scanner technology is one of the newest advancements in restoration dentistry.  Dr. Patsi stated, “The restorations that it produces, whether an inlay/onlay or a crown have the best margin fit that a dentist could ever want or dream of.”

Should Patient’s Fear Getting a New Crown?

The process of utilizing the new milling machine to restore crown teeth is simple and effective.  First, the tooth needs to be professionally cleaned, much like what a patient experiences on a typical checkup.  Next, any decay lingering on the tooth needs to be removed and the tooth needs to be shaped to fit into the crown.

Once the preparation of the tooth is complete, then a digital impression is taken with an intraoral scanner.   No more messy impressions.  The scan is then processed in the computer software and the restoration is made by our doctors.  It’s verified the perfect fit on the tooth and is sent electronically to be milled.  “We want our patients to leave the office with a smile that looks and feels natural, the proper restoration of a smile takes years of experience,” stated Dr. Beninato.

While the patient waits, Riverwalk Dental’s new milling machine goes to work forming a perfect match to the patients tooth.  In only hours, not days or even weeks, the patient leaves excited to show off his or her new smile.